KSVT joins Student Voice, Houston Independent School District Student Congress, and March For Our Lives to File Amicus Brief in Critical Supreme Court Student Free Speech Case

Who We Are & What We Do

The Kentucky Student Voice Team consists of approximately 100 self-selected students, elementary school through college, from across the Commonwealth who work to integrate students as research, policy, and advocacy partners to ensure more equitable, just, and excellent schools. 

We elevate the voices of young people in education research, policy, and advocacy. We conduct research and surveys. We lead education lobbying efforts. We amplify student stories through our podcast, blog, and other media. We share our findings through policy reports, presentations, and testimonies. We create and deliver workshops—and more! 


Since KSVT was founded, we have created a community and transformed the ways in which educators and legislators understand the role and contributions of students. As a result of our efforts, education policymakers seek student input, and students have become voting members on a range of education decision-making bodies. In addition to normalizing more student voice in Kentucky, we have: