Edquity Fellows

Despite our successes and self-selection process, our team is not racially or socio-economically representative of the Kentucky student population, hindering our ability to create sustainable change for those who need it most. Because many students have to work, limiting the time they can spend on extracurriculars, we designed the Edquity Fellowship to compensate and support underrepresented students in leading our efforts.


The Edquity Fellowship creates spaces where rural, urban, Appalachian, LGBTQ+, Black, Latinx, and low-income students cultivate relationships with each other, members of the larger team, and adult allies. We first welcome them to the team holistically and guide them in their own projects engaging students in their communities and schools. This fellowship isn’t about checking boxes or showcasing diversity. Members of the cohort have become our teachers and friends; we are honored to support, learn, and collaborate with them.