Gabriella Staykova

Legislative Director

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Gabriella joined the Kentucky Student Voice Team as a freshman in high school and quickly took to the work. She first led the social media team and joined the legislative team in 2018. As Legislative Coordinator for the past two years, she lobbies for equity-oriented state education policies and supports local, student-led policy advocacy. Gabriella also worked on the Coping with COVID study as a Quantitative Lead. 

Outside of her work with the Kentucky Student Voice Team, Gabriella is the Storytelling Programs Coordinator at Student Voice.

Gabriella has been published in the Washington Post, Rural Assembly, and the Aspen Institute

Writings & Publications

August 12, 2020

Kentucky Students Report Strong Mental Health Impact of Pandemic Disruption in Statewide Survey

December 18, 2018

Survey: Students Accept Reality of New School-Safety Measures

Gabriella on the Forum

May 30, 2020

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April 25, 2020

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