January 11, 2015

Include Students in Search

By Gabrielle Price

I, along with other members of the Student Voice Team, share columnist Richard Day’s Dec. 26 sentiments regarding the inclusion of students in the hiring of Fayette County’s next superintendent. As the school system’s chief constituents, we believe this is essential to the vision of a system that aspires to be “About Kids.”

We appreciate the board’s encouragement of our efforts and are doing our homework to grow that support.

In recent weeks, we have held productive conversations about reexamining the 25-year-old law with representatives from the Kentucky Education Association, Kentucky School Boards Association, Kentucky Department of Education and Kentucky Association of School Councils, among others.

But the involvement of students in the current search should not wait for this change to occur. As Day notes, the school board already has the ability to create an advisory committee to review and provide feedback on candidates. This is consistent with efforts to get input from the District Student Council.

Informal participation is far more advantageous than having no student voice at all. However, we will continue to push for decision-making privileges at deeper levels of governance.

This letter to the editor originally ran in the Lexington Herald-Leader in response to Richard Day's op-ed calling for Fayette County to add students to the superintendent search process that would avoid the limitations of Kentucky law.

Gabrielle Price

Gabrielle Price

Gabrielle is a Yoda Corps Advisor of KSVT and former Public Relations Director. She graduated from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in 2015, Spelman College in 2018, and the University of Oxford in 2019.