March 20, 2018

Our Generation is Just Packed with Violence

By Te'Osha Raglin

Adults—even our own parents—just don’t seem to understand how bad it’s gotten. When the student shot himself in the hand in our school, I was like, this can happen at any high school. But for my mom, it was the last straw. After having a gun pulled on me while riding the bus home from school, sophomore year.

She was not playing and wanted to take me out. I was like, “Mom, I have just one semester left of high school!” When I told my mom about it, I was just chill. But my mom was in an uproar. She screamed through the phone, and everyone was looking at me.

I don’t think their generation has had to deal with it as heavy as ours. Our generation is just packed with violence.

I feel like our administrators do what they can do, and I feel pretty safe in school. But finding a gun in school, it definitely keeps you on your toes because when you sit in class, you’re wondering if the person next to you has one.

The kid that brought a gun to school, he said he brought it for protection, but I wonder about his intent. Who was he going to use it on? Often times before I entered my glorious high school days, I never had to worry about whether or not my life was in danger. The most I remember in middle school, were bomb threats and rarely that.

I am appalled by the tragic events that have happened over all of the years, even the ones that weren’t brought as much attention as the most recent ones.

Today, students are asking adults to just listen to us. Before we start the next assignment that is due on Friday, listen to us. Instead of nagging on us about turning in the assignment late, check on us. Ask as what the reason is behind us not doing it is. Ask us is there anything that you can help us with and the answer may be just as simple as LISTENING to us!

These remarks were deliverd at the March For Our Lives Kentucky Rally organized by the Student Voice Team on the steps of the capitol in Frankfort on March 20, 2018.

Te'Osha Raglin

Te'Osha Raglin

Te'Osha is a former member of KSVT. She graduated from Frederick Douglas High School in 2018.