March 14, 2018

Student Voice Team to Host March For Our Lives KY Teach-In & Rally

The Prichard Committee Student Voice Team is hosting a March For Our Lives KY Teach-In & Rally at the Capitol in Frankfort on March 20th.

The Student Voice Team (SVT) will lead a Teach-In to support participants to have informed opinions about school safety and climate and activation strategies in the afternoon. After the Teach-In, SVT will host a rally on the steps of the Capitol to share stories from schools across the state and call on policymakers to take action to reduce violence in Kentucky schools.

Several organizations will be partnering with the SVT in support of March For Our Lives KY including the League of Women Voters of Kentucky, LIFT Kentucky, JackBeNimble, and the Student Alliance for Mental Health Innovation and Action, among others.

The Teach-In seeks to support youth and adult allies to organize around the issue of ensuring student safety and a positive school climate. Students will lead the trainings and provide strategies for organizing mass events, understanding school culture and violence, meeting with legislators, generating social media support, and amplifying student stories so policymakers can hear them.

The Rally afterwards will feature students from across Kentucky sharing their personal experiences with school shootings, threats, and school safety. Speakers include students from Marshall, Daviess, Jefferson, Fayette, Boone, and Green Counties, among others.

Both events are open to the press. The Teach-In starts at 1:30 pm ET in Capitol Annex Room 130. The Rally starts at 5:00 on the front steps of the Capitol. Students will be available for media interviews between the events on the front steps of the Capitol at 4:00.

The Kentucky Student Voice Team is an independent, youth-led, statewide organization that supports students as research, policy, and advocacy partners to ensure Kentucky’s education system is as equitable, just, and as excellent as it can be. Until 2021, it was part of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, an independent, nonpartisan, citizen-led organization working to improve education in Kentucky—early childhood through postsecondary.