March 23, 2015

We are on the Front Lines in the Classroom

By Ashton Bishop

Now, I know what you are thinking.

Yes, I am young. But that’s the thing about student voice. You have to be a student!

HB 236 stands for everything student voice is. HB 236 will give students a chance to have a voice in the selection process of a superintendent, one of the most important leaders in any school system.

Students who are selected by peers for this position would have a chance to work with adult allies, side by side, to improve their schools.

As students, we know firsthand how so many of the decisions made at an administrative level affect us. We are on the front lines and in the classroom almost every day!

As students, we also know just how important it is to do our homework. And trust me, we have done ours around this legislation.

There have been some questions about how well a student can handle confidential information. So let me say, loud and clear and based on our research: Training is everything!

We know from talking to experts across the country that training, and not age, is what matters in sensitive personnel issues.

This is why we believe students can and should be allowed to contribute to the superintendent selection process by serving as full partners with adults on the screening committee.

And this is why we are pushing for passage of House Bill 236 .

Your presence here with us at this rally proves that students care about this issue. We NEED to let the legislators who will be meeting behind me in just a few hours know that student voice matters.

I am proud to be with you here today because I, Ashton Bishop, Stand With Students.

These remarks were deliverd at the Stand With Students Rally organized by the Student Voice Team on the steps of the capitol in Frankfort on March 23, 2015. The Rally called for the passage of House Bill 236, which would add student voting members to superintendent screening committees.

Linzie Ashton Bishop

Linzie Ashton Bishop

Ashton is a former member of KSVT. She graduated from Green County High School in 2020.