Past Work

(S)HE Matters


One of our team members, Celia Ziliak, founded (S)HE Matters, a group dedicated to decreasing sexual harassment in schools.

March for Our Lives KY


In the wake of the Marshall County High School shooting, our team, like the rest of Kentucky, was in conversation about what it meant to feel safe. Some conversations revolved around physical measures, like firearm restrictions, metal detectors, and school resource officers, but we wanted to have another equally important discussion: that about school climate and safety.

Ready or Not


After we released Uncovering the Tripwires to Postsecondary Success and completed the Powerball Promise campaign, we knew there was even more work to be done around postsecondary access. We continued what our team had always done best -- listening to students -- and travelled across the state, leading roundtables in counties from Letcher to Campbell.

Powerball Promise


Our report, Uncovering the Tripwires to Postsecondary Success, highlighted the birthright lottery -- the set of socioeconomic and family factors impacting a student’s ability to access and complete college -- and our team learned about a policy that entrenched that inequity even further.

All revenues of the Kentucky lottery were meant to go towards the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, the College Access Program and Kentucky Tuition Grant, but years of diversion meant that nearly one-quarter of the funds were slipping out. While KEES remained supported, CAP and KTG, two need-based scholarships, were chronically underfunded. Two-thirds of eligible students were denied.

Uncovering the Tripwires to Postsecondary Success


Over the 2014-2015 school year, the Student Voice Team conducted an investigation into the barriers high school students face in the transition to college and postsecondary education. We interviewed academics, teachers, policymakers, parents, administrators, and of course, students, across the state to get a better picture of the challenges inherent in the college entrance process.

Students in Superintendent Searches


When Fayette County Public Schools began its search for a new Superintendent in 2014, our team realized no student voice was involved. Superintendent screening committees, an important part of the search process, did not permit students to be members.

We Can’t Wait: Restore School Funding


Kentucky slashed per-pupil spending in 2013, one of 15 states to do so, and investment in education stagnated despite inflation.