Pragya Upreti

Pragya Upreti

History Is Power Project Coordinator

Pragya Upreti (she/her) is the History is Power Project Coordinator for the Kentucky Student Voice Team. Pragya has been with the Team since she was a sophomore in high school, when she found herself inclined to the intersections of research, advocacy, and meaningful intergenerational partnerships that were at the heart of KSVT. She has since served as a qualitative researcher on the Coping With COVID-19 Study, organized one of Kentucky's first student-led town halls for school board candidates during the November 2020 elections, and worked on different realms of legislative projects, including the Save Our Seats campaign.

Pragya has also written for the National Association of State Boards of Education and co-authored a publication with the Aspen Institute.

In her capacity as a national ambassador for Student Voice, she developed a curriculum-based toolkit for educators on ways to meaningfully engage students through civic education.

Pragya is a senior at Lafyette High School in Lexington.


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Save Our Seats
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