(S)HE Matters

One of our team members, Celia Ziliak, founded (S)HE Matters, a group dedicated to decreasing sexual harassment in schools. 


(S)HE Matters partnered with the Student Voice Team to release the Peer-to-Peer Sexual Harassment in High School Survey, which examined students’ experience with sexual harassment in school settings. Our team supported survey distribution on our social media with a “snowball” methodology, eventually garnering 1030 responses from 42 states. Of those responses, 834 were from Kentucky. 


The responses, though not generalizable to any population, painted a stark picture. Students who reported being sexually harassed didn’t feel comfortable sharing or reporting their experiences to school officials, often because they felt their school climate was dismissive of students’ experiences.


This project uplifted student experiences and raised an important and frequently ignored issue in conversations about school climate.