Students As Partners


After years of experience in Kentucky’s legislative process and classrooms, our team knew firsthand that students' perspectives were largely unrepresented in the decisions and discussions that shape their lives. We also knew that students, as the recipients of education, are perfectly positioned to see problems and solutions that adults don’t. 

The Student Voice Team created a report, Students as Partners: Integrating student voice in the governing bodies of Kentucky schools, to highlight the benefits of including student input in school governance. Out of that report came four key recommendations: 

  1. Develop a culture of respect

  2. Support students to serve on school governance bodies.

  3. Create a formal platform where students can share their perspectives with educators

  4. Enlist students to design and disseminate student voice surveys and/or hold roundtables to inform policy changes that directly affect them.


The report served as a reminder that students can, and should, be involved in conversations about their own learning, and that doing so improves school quality for everyone, not just students.