House Bill 236

2015 Legislative Campaign for Student Representation on Superintendent Screening Committees

When Fayette County Public Schools began its search for a new Superintendent in 2014, our team realized no student voice was involved. Superintendent screening committees, an important part of the search process, did not permit students to be members. 


Members of our team proposed, wrote, lobbied for, and organized a bill, House Bill 236, which would mandate the inclusion of students on those screening committees, as well as the typical teachers, parents, and administrators currently required. It was picked up by Representative Derrick Graham and gained traction in the House, ultimately passing 88-5. 


Unfortunately, the bill stalled in the Senate, where two unrelated amendments about religious expression and transgender bathroom rights were tacked on by lawmakers. As passage became endangered, we held a rally at the Capitol to push for the original bill to become law. 


Though the bill didn’t pass, it started an important conversation about student voice and proved that students are more than capable of involvement in education discussions and governance.


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