We Can't Wait 

Kentucky slashed per-pupil spending in 2013, one of 15 states to do so, and investment in education stagnated despite inflation. 


The Student Voice Team launched our own "We Can’t Wait" campaign in collaboration with the Kentucky Education Action Team's "Our Kids Can't Wait" campaign to draw attention to the funding challenges Kentucky’s K-12 schools faced and push for increased education spending in the 2014 session. Students on our team drew attention to funding disparities by publishing op-ed pieces, sharing roundtables they conducted across the state, and curating Instagram posts of students calling for more funding. 


The project resulted in a $189 million increase in Kentucky’s main school funding formula, SEEK, leading to raises for teachers and other school employees.


We also saw a significant increase in investments in early childhood programs (the first time in eight years), including: 

  • $96 million to restore child care subsidy funds to help hundreds of working families

  • $18 million to expand preschool for thousands of lower-income 4-year olds and

  • $9 million for the HANDS home visiting program to ensure more of Kentucky’s youngest kids have a smooth transition from home to school


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November 21, 2013

Inadequate Funding

Since well before I was born, starting with the Kentucky Education Reform Act in 1990, Kentucky has established a national presence as an education innovator. In some of the state’s greatest education coups then and thereafter, policy reform was achieved methodically, always led by a variety of committed and passionate stakeholders. Teachers, parents, business and civic leaders, and lawmakers all sitting down together with the goal of taking Kentucky from the bottom of the barrel to where we are now—closer to a top-tier state in public education.

March 6, 2014

Time for a Change in Kentucky's School Funding

Andrew Brennen

Ever since Fayette County Superintendent Tom Shelton announced that the district would need to cut $20 million from its budget this May, this newspaper, social media and community conversations have been aflame with frustration, fear and even some outright hostility.

June 10, 2014

Student Voice Team Thanks Gov. Beshear, Legislators for Restoring School Funding

On behalf of the Kentucky Education Action Team, members of the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team thanked members of the General Assembly and Gov. Steve Beshear for restoring school funding and supporting students at a gathering in the State Reception Room in the Kentucky State Capitol on June 10, 2015.

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