At the Kentucky Student Voice Team, one of our main focuses is sharing with teachers, administrators, policymakers, and our fellow students what we learn about the power of student voice. We have presented to groups ranging from local school councils, statewide student conferences, and national and international conferences of education policymakers. We bring a new perspective with our presentations by amplifying the stories we hear from students and original peer-led research we conduct across the state of Kentucky.


Our presentations feature original and engaging ways of sharing what we've learned. One feature is our Student Voice Spectrum line, where we ask for audience participation to demonstrate how students have and haven't been included in their education. Another is Fact/Voice, where we pair together a fact about the education system with a student voice that brings a new perspective to the fact. As always, our presentations are designed and led by our students, a true demonstration of the power of student voice.

We can present on a variety of education policy topics, including:

  • How to unleash the power of student voice

  • The importance of school climate & student perspective

  • School safety

  • Postsecondary transitions, featuring our book Ready or Not

  • The impact of COVID-19 on students and schools

National Presentations